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Who I Am
What I Stand For
Why I Groom
Hello. I'm Kimberly Fink. Owner and petsylist of Spot-On Pet Salon. I have worked in the pet grooming industy for over ten years. I started out with one of central PA's most succesful pet groomers and worked my way to managing a big box store salon. I have mentored and trained several other petstylists and bathers. I also have a bachelor's degree in Animal Behavior.

Your pet's health and safety is  my number one concern.

What other career allows you to be creative, build relationships, and work with animls? Over the past ten years I have had the privilege to meet so many wonderful pets and pet parents. Pet grooming allows me to continuously learn new things too. Every year I get to attend various trade shows and take education classes with some of the industy's leading professionals. 
Not only does pet grooming make your dog look great and smell good, it also helps your pet feel its best. Regular visits to the groomer can help keep your pet healthy and that's why at Spot-On Pet Salon your pet will receive a thorough hands on evaluation at check-in. While in my care, your pet will be cared for like I care for my own pets....Spoiled Rotten!
Spot-On Policies

 All pets over the age of six months must be up to date on the rabies vaccination. For the health and safety of all pets I recommend that the following vaccinations be kept up to date as well - DA2PPL, bordetella, lymes, and canine influenza. Please provide a copy of your pet's vaccination records at time of check-in.
 If your pet cannot receive a rabies vaccination due to size or health problems please provide a written document from your vet stating the reasons for not vaccinating.
 For the health of your pet, Spot-On Pet Salon will not groom any pets under 12 weeks of age.
 Any pets under six months of age but older than 12 weeks must be up to date on all puppy/kitten vaccinations.
 For the safety of your pet, Spot-On Pet Salon asks that you please wait 24 hours after any vaccinations before you have your pet groomed. Your pet my be in discomfort after receiving vaccinations and the grooming process may increase this.
 Spot-On Pet Salon will not accept any pet that requires sedation. These pets should be groomed under the supervision of a veterinarian.
 To better accomodate all of the Spot-On clients, please provide 24 hour notice for all cancelations.